The Canberra Cambodian School (CCS) is a non-profit community service program founded in the late 2007 under the incorporated body of the Khemarangsi Buddhist Temple of ACT. The establishment of this Khmer language program is to respond to the need of Australian children of Cambodian decent as well as the public who need to have some formal knowledge of Khmer language and culture in day-to-day life, education and profession. It is also to provide Australian-Cambodian community in the ACT and beyond with an opportunity to learn and understand the Khmer language and culture as well as to use them as a foundation for further personal enrichment.

The Canberra Cambodian School caters Khmer language and cultural studies classes for both school-aged children and adult. The school is also a member of the ACT Ethnic School Association.

The school-aged Khmer classes are operated during ACT government school terms with a group of qualified, experienced and responsible teachers for teaching at different levels.


The main objectives of this Khmer language program are:

  1. To promote the teaching of Khmer language, culture and history to Cambodian community in Canberra and others who are interested in Khmer studies;
  2. To produce responsible Australian citizens who have the language skills and understanding of the Khmer culture and society, which contributes to their value of understanding, tolerance and cohesiveness in the Australian society, and contributes to their capacity to achieve in their personal lives; and
  3. To preserve Khmer cultural heritage in the ACT as well as to promote multicultural education that respects all students and their diverse backgrounds, needs, interests and achievements.